Returning Instructor Positions

The success of Geering Up is in part due to the numerous staff that stay for multiple years. Returning Instructors are a critical piece of the high-quality workshops and camps we offer to youth all over British Columbia. The feedback they provide on how to make Geering Up better is one of the reasons we continue to excel and improve every year! Their input and leadership are truly invaluable.

Thinking of returning as an Instructor?

We love returning instructors! If interested, returners can take on more leadership roles such as leading a training session, being a division head, having a greater impact on how curriculum is presented, and taking Student Assistant roles.

If you are hoping to return as an instructor, please go ahead and apply to our regular applications. Make sure you identify yourself as being a Returning Instructor to make the application process shorter and simpler. We will contact you for a personal interview where we can explore the best fit for you!



Have Questions?

Contact us at, or 604-822-2858.