Software Design

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What is Software Design?

Software design is the process of planning, developing and prototyping software solutions which aid the implementation of programming applications that could one day improve the lives of communities and businesses around the world. Participants may explore high tech conceptual and practical topics of game design, web design, and mobile app development and learn how it is all derived from the implementation, reasoning, testing and validation of software design. This stream will challenge participants to think about how their software creation will be implemented and utilized in society, and think about the economical and entrepreneurial impacts that it will have on communities and businesses.

The Power of Software Design

Take a look at how software design has revolutionized and evolved society over the past 20 years.

The Importance of Web Design

Take a look at how customer satisfaction and company growth heavily relies on web design.

The Evolution of Game Design

Check out how software design has a huge impact on the growth of the gaming industry.