Biomedical Engineering

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What is Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical Engineering is a new and growing field that integrates engineering and technology design to medicine and biological systems for healthcare purposes and to help progress the medical industry. At the UBC Vancouver Campus, the School of Biomedical Engineering was designed by a partnership between the UBC Faculty of Applied Science and the Faculty of Medicine. Participants may explore the cutting edge advancements in regenerative medicine, imaging technologies, stem cell research, and biomedical devices, and how all these interact with various biological systems! This stream may also look at the economical and societal impacts on the community and on the biomedical engineering industry.

Implants and 3D Printing

Watch how biomedical engineers apply the medical and technological knowledge they have gained to revolutionize the medical industry.

Biomedically Engineering Humans to Survive Space

Watch how scientists are looking at using biomedical engineering to make radiation withstanding, cold tolerant humans who can better survive the harsh conditions of space.

Hear from the Experts

Listen to some of the most renowned biomedical engineers talk about their passion for this field.