2019 Program Schedule

Geering Up High School camps run 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, and are each one week long. Camps don’t run on statutory holidays. 4 day week prices are prorated. Overnight Options are available from 1:00 PM Sunday to 11:00 AM Saturday and participants stay in first-year residence on the UBC Vancouver campus.

100% in the schedule below indicates the camp is completely full.
ASAP Registration is now open!!! Program fill is updated periodically, for live availability information please refer to the Active registration site.

*Camps are assigned based on what grade you are entering in September 2019.
**Overnight Option available for ASAP Senior Participants. See ASAP Overnight for more information.
***Girls Only Camps are labelled in purple below.

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Available Programs

  1. Biomedical Engineering: This emerging stream allows participants to apply engineering and technology design to medicine and biological systems for healthcare purposes and to help progress the biomedical engineering industry.
  2. Integrated Engineering: This multidisciplinary stream allows participants to explore various fields of engineering such as Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Biological, and more to solve real-world problems society is facing today.
  3. Software Design: This stream allows participants to engage in software development using various industry adopted programming strategies to develop and prototype software applications that could one day improve the lives of communities around the world.
  4. Sustainability in Engineering: This new and improved stream focuses on designing engineering systems that support sustainable development and maintain or improve the quality of life for the future.


If you have any questions, please email highschool@geeringup.ca for more information.