Our CodeMakers camp in Vancouver will be run 3-4 times per week. The age group varies depending on the week – we want to be able to offer computer science camp to all kids, but we are limited to lab space! This year we are offering three different themes for our CodeMakers Camps.

UBC Department of Computer Science

UBC’s Department of Computer Science is proud to present our Girls Only! CodeMakers initiatives. This collaboration will bring the best of Geering Up the UBC Department of Computer Science together for incredible Girls Only! classroom experiences! Look out for an amazing Girls Only! week July 22 – 26 and and special Women In Code initiatives throughout the entire summer. With their help, Geering Up is able to set aside special seats for girls in each classroom!

CodeMakers Themes

Computers and Me (Grades 2-4) 

A general introduction to computer science principles. Please be aware that this camp will feature the some of the same content as last year’s Codemaker’s program. Strong returners should sign up for a new camp.

Code Conquest (Grades (3-6)

This camp is a coding camp designed to develop computer science skills. Join us for an exciting week to expand your knowledge of computer science!

Robotics (Grades 5-7) 

This camp is a computer programming camp that is intended to teach kids how to use and interact with robots & technology. If your child was enrolled in Robotics last year, note that most of the content will be new for 2019!


CodeMakers Schedule


Geering Up is proud to be participating in Codemakers, a national program powered by Actua and Google. Actua’s network members at post-secondary institutions across Canada will empower 100,000 youth with critical computer science skills and prepare them for their future roles as innovators in technology.