Girls Only! Week

As part of our mission to bring science and engineering to groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology & Mathematics) Geering Up will host Girls Only! camps every week throughout the summer.

What does that mean? We run a week of our regular programming (same activities, same camps!) with a few surprise twists that is only available to girl campers. Offering a Girls Only! environment provides a safe space to encourage girls in discovering and exploring their love of science and engineering.

For 2018, Girls Only! Week is July 23rd to 27th in Vancouver and August 7th to 10th in White Rock. In addition to this Girls Only week where ALL camps will only be available to girl campers, we will also be hosting one girls only camp each week throughout the summer. For more specific details on the schedule of Girls Only camp’s and all of Vancouver Schedule please visit our website here.

Looking for other Girls Only! programming? Check out our weekly Girls Only! camp on campus in Vancouver. The grades for this camp will range 2-12, and will have its own unique activities. You can attend this special Girls Only! camp, in addition to any other weeks of camp. We also run an after-school Girls Only! club during the school year, and the Faculty of Applied Science often runs engineering outreach targeted at girls.