A & B Weeks

Can my camper attend week B without attending week A?

Yes. You do not need to attend both.

Can my camper attend week B before attending week A?

Yes! Order doesn’t matter.

Is week A better than week B?

Nope! They’re equally fun and equally full of science & engineering.


Camp Programming

Where can I find more information on camp curricula?

Each year our camp instructors develop an entirely new curriculum for our campers based on guidelines. Due to this we cannot provide an exact description of camp curriculum, however, in general, all camps are STEM based and targeted towards a specific age group.

Is the grade listed the grade my child is currently in, or the grade he/she will be entering?

The grade listed is the grade the camper will be entering in the fall.

What if I want to put my child in a camp meant for a more advanced grade?

We don’t recommend this be done. Campers often find that our STEM camps are fun and engaging.


Why are camps so full?!

There are a lot of kids who love science and engineering and want to come to camp!

What do I do now if I want to sign up for a full camp?

If you want to sign up for a camp that is full, you are welcome to register for the waitlist instead. If someone in the camp cancels, the first family on the waitlist will be registered into the spot, and if they decline it, it will proceed down the list until the spot is filled.

Does the waitlist cost money?

Nope! It’s free to be on the waitlist – we don’t ask for registration fees until a spot is available.

Will you open up more availability?

We are limited by our classroom space, so it is unlikely that we will open up any new spots or any new camps, but you never know!


Lunch Program

What dietary restrictions can you cater to?

Our caterer offers vegetarian and gluten free lunch options. Please contact us to discuss other dietary restrictions.

When is the last day I can sign up for the lunch program?

The Tuesday the week before camp – we place our orders on Wednesday.


Bursaries and Scholoarships

When are Bursary Applications Due?

Bursaries are handed out on an ongoing bases through the registration period, however, since our camps fill up very quickly, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible!

When should I register for the camp, before of after I have applied for a bursary?

We give you the option to register either before or afterwards.

What happens if I’m on the waitlist and am awarded a bursary?

As soon as a spot opens up, you will be able to use your bursary.