Air Quality Advisory Policy

UBC Geering Up camps will follow the Government of Canada’s recommendations and updates to adjust scheduling of outdoor activities and outside lunch and recess. Policy will vary depending on the air quality index, and scheduling will be updated each day as such. Procedure will vary depending on the rating, as detailed below:

  • High Risk Air Quality Rating (7-10+): outdoor lunch and recess will be cancelled, and campers in the lunch program will have their lunch delivered to their classroom. Outdoor activities will be limited or modified to stay indoors.
  • Moderate Risk Air Quality Rating (4-6):  outdoor recess will cancelled and replaced by indoor activities. Campers will still go to lunch fields so that campers in the lunch program may collect their lunch, but high-exertion activities will be limited and outside time will be shortened to 30 minutes or less. Outdoor activities will be shortened.
  • Low Risk Air Quality Rating (1-3): there is low risk associated with this air quality index, so regular programming will continue as normal, including outdoor recess and lunch, and any outdoor activities.

The current air quality index rating for UBC Point Grey can be found here. If you have any particular concerns for your child, health related or otherwise, please notify a member of staff and we will accommodate any concerns or requests you may have in this regard.  Your child’s safety and comfort is our highest priority.