Which camp should I register my child in?

If your child is being enrolled in our summer programs, use the grade they will be entering in the coming year. For example, if in May 2018, your child is in grade 4. You should enrol them in the camp program(s) for children entering grade 5 (in this case, Imagineers).
For children not in the Canadian school system, we recommend using their year of birth to ensure they are registered in the correct camp.

  • Miniminds: Those entering Grade 1
  • Explorers: Those entering grades 2-3
  • Imagineers: Those entering grades 4-5
  • Discoverers: Those entering grades 6-7
  • ASAP Junior: Those entering grades 8-9
  • ASAP Senior: Those entering grades 10-12

Will the camp curriculum be the same as last year?

No! At Geering Up we do not repeat material for three years. This means that although your child may register for the same camp group (i.e.: Explorers) for two years in a row (entering grade 2 and grade 3), the activities will be completely different. In addition to this different curriculum is presented in A and B themes.

How do A/B themes work?

In Explorers and Imagineer, we offer A and B themes. We present different content in each of these groups. For example: Explorers A (week 1) is entirely different from Explorers B (week 1), however, Explorers A (week 1) is the same as Explorers A (week 2).

What will my child be doing at camp?

Camp activities for 2018 will not be available until the end of June to allow instructors time to test all projects thoroughly. Below you can take a glance at what the campers did last year. The projects will be different this year, but just as much fun!

  • Explorers discovered density by designing lava-lamps, built their own biodomes, and visited the UBC-thuderbots, UBC’s autonomous soccer playing robots.
  • Imagineers put their imaginations to the limit as the swabbed bacteria, built their own Hover-Pets and constructed thermoses in a competition to reduce heat loss.

What is the structure of a typical camp day?

A typical day at Geering Up Camp includes in-class activities and possible on-campus field trips. Our activities range from extracting DNA from fruits to exploring electrical circuits with conductive play dough. Field trips expose the campers to the great diversity of knowledge present at UBC. Our day is broken up by a morning recess and lunch. Please pack a nut-free snack for your camper to enjoy at recess.

Why a Geering Up summer camp?

Our camps bring together a diverse population of young people who share a passion for science, engineering and technology. With the guidance of our highly-trained instructors and the support of our volunteers, campers dive into the fun and exciting world of science and engineering through hands-on activities, take-home projects and on-campus field trips. Campers have the opportunity to use technology such as computers and robots that they may not be exposed to at school. They are also given the opportunity to explore areas of the UBC campus, like the robotics labs, that many undergraduate students are never exposed to. Our camps also provide high-school age campers with the unique opportunity to interact one-on-one with our staff of undergraduate students, allowing them to get a better sense of what pursuing a degree in engineering and science entails.

My child is very advanced for his/her age. Can I register her/him in an older age group?

Geering Up instructors are trained to adapt activities for campers of all levels. However, under extenuating circumstances and with permission of the Directors, a child may be permitted to register in an older/younger age group.

My child has an exceptionality. Will you be able to accommodate him/her?

Yes! Geering Up aims to be accessible to all youth. Our Integration Support instructors are trained to work with youth and their parents to ensure that all youth have a fun and educational experience at our camps. See Accessibility for more information about our Integration Support instructors.

Our registration form gives you the opportunity to notify us about any concerns you have about the accessibility of our program for your child. One week prior to your child’s camp week, our Integration Support Instructor will contact your family to determine how we can modify the camp setting to provide a positive experience for your child. Our Integration Support instructors will then work with our other instructors to put the plan in place.

My child speaks English as a second language, will there be any communication problems?

Many of our staff and volunteers speak multiple languages and are trained in communication methods with ESL students. It is, however, important to realize that Geering Up is not a language instruction program. For safety reasons, all campers are expected to be able to communicate using basic English.

Is there an Alumni Discount?

Unfortunately, there are no alumni discounts. If the camp fee is a barrier, please note that Geering Up offers bursaries to families in financial need.

Do you offer a bursary program? Is financial assistance available?

We offer a bursary program for families in need. For more information and an application please visit the busaries page.

What time is drop-off/pick-up?

Campers can be dropped off each morning of camp between 8:45AM and 9:00AM. Camp activities will begin promptly at 9:00AM. Campers should be picked up at 3:00PM each afternoon of camp. If you require extended supervision hours, please see Before/After Care below.

What is the Before/After Care?

The Before/After Care program offers extended supervision for campers. Please understand that Before/After Care are not an extension of structured camp activities, but rather a supervised environment where campers play games and watch educational videos.
Before Care opens at 8:15AM. After Care closes at 4:00PM, and Extended After closes at 5:00pm. Please pick up your camper promptly, as late fees will apply.

How many children are there in a camper group? What is the staff to camper ratio?

Each camp group is composed of a maximum of 20-27 campers depending on the age group, accompanied by two instructors and three to four volunteers. The camper to instructor ratio is maintained at all times including lunch.

My child is allergic to nuts and/or peanuts. Is the camp a “Peanut and Nut Free” camp?

Geering Up is a peanut and nut aware camp. However, because we can not control all the food that campers bring to the camp each day, we are not a peanut and nut free camp. We do ask that campers and staff not bring any peanut or nut products to the camp.