Available Positions

Summer 2018 applications are open! Full-time positions are available as shown below.

Summer Instructor Positions

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General Instructors Vancouver (April 30 - Aug 31) & Kelowna (May 7 - Aug 24)

Our General Instructors teach the entire summer, leading in-school Workshops in May and June, and switching to Summer Camps in July and August.  

Camp Only Instructor Vancouver (June 10 - Aug 31) & Kelowna (June 22 - Aug 24)

Our Camp-Only Instructors join us in June for training and curriculum planning, before camps begin in July.

French Instructor (April 30 - Aug 31)

In May and June, our French Instructors mainly teach at Francophone and French Immersion schools. In July and August, they join our regular summer camps.

CodeMaker (CS) Instructor (April 30 - Aug 31)

Our CodeMaker Instructors can teach the entire summer, leading in-school Workshops focused on computer science topics in May and June, and switching to computer science focused Summer Camps in July and August.  

Outreach Instructor (June 10 - Aug 31)

Our Outreach Instructors share many responsibilities with Camp Only instructors, with a special focus on working in rural areas and with at-risk and indigenous youth.

Integration Support Instructor (April 30 - Aug 31)

Our Integration Support Instructors help ensure every child is able to access camp regardless of their exceptionalities. Our Integration Support (IS) Instructors can work as regular Workshop Instructors in May and June, before moving into a specialized role in July and August.

Apply Today!

On the last page you will be asked to attach a resume and a short video of you explaining a science/engineering concept. We recommend you complete this and your resume ahead of time.

Instructor Application Information

Applications are due January 29th (or January 22nd for Co-op students). Successful applicants will hear back from us shortly after your corresponding deadline, and invited to a group interview.

It is vital that successful applicants attend their corresponding Group Interview, so please keep this date open.

Co-op Group Interview: Saturday Jan 27th 10:00am - 1:00pm

General Group Interview: Saturday Feb 3th 10:00am - 1:00pm

Exceptions will be made under extenuating circumstances. Returning summer instructors need not attend.

We ask applicants to film themselves presenting a short science/engineering concept, as if they are teaching a class. This can include any visuals & demos, but editing the video is not necessary. Please keep it under 3 minutes, and it can be as short as you'd like. Please upload your video to YouTube and post the link in the application form.

Summer Instructors

For April 30- Aug 31 we will hire 16 Instructors, and one prep Instructor. For July 10- Aug 31 we will hire approximately 40 additional camp-only Instructors, and 3 Integration Support Instructors.

Summer Part Time Staff

We hire approximately 10 part time staff for our July and August camps. These Work-Learn positions work 10-15 hours per week, a perfect combination for taking summer classes. Hiring for these positions occurs in April.

All summer Instructors are expected to commit to at least one week of outreach. Through our Outreach program, we bring our events to communities beyond Vancouver. Outreach occurs during select weeks of Workshop and Camp Season. All accommodation and travel expenses are covered while on outreach.


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How Do I Apply?

1. Get to know Geering Up

Explore our website. Get to know how Geering Up works. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

2. Prepare your application

During the process of filling out the application form you will be asked for a brief summary of your relevant work/volunteer experience and a PDF of your resume.

If you are applying to any of the Instructor positions, you will be asked to make a video of you teaching any science/engineering concept as if it were to a class. Please keep it short (no more than 3 mins), and upload it to YouTube and send us the link.  We want to see you in action! Returning Instructors will not be required to make the video.

Make sure you have these ready before you begin.

3. Fill out the Application Form

The application form for summer instructor positions can be found here. It will take approximately 15 minutes to fill out. You will be asked to attach your resume and video to the last page of this application form. You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been received by us.



Frequently Asked Questions

Geering Up is a non-profit organisation that exists to bring STEM programming to youth across BC regardless of their background. To achieve this Geering Up does four things: workshops in elementary schools, camps at UBC, after-school clubs at UBC, and outreach in communities outside of Vancouver. Our instructor team plans and delivers this fantastic content.

eng-cite is run through a partnership between the Faculty of Applied Science and Goldcorp at UBC to encourage and develop gender parity in UBC Engineering programs and the engineering profession. One way they work towards this is by running programs specifically for girls. Geering Up and eng-cite collaborate heavily towards their common goals. We run hiring together due to how similar our positions are and how often they overlap! Learn more about eng-cite here: http://engcite.engineering.ubc.ca/about/

Our instructing positions work directly with kids. However, as a youth outreach organisation, you are sure to be working with kids at some point no matter what your position. Geering Up works primarily with youth grades 2-7, however, we do run programming for grades 1-12. Let us know in your application how your skills would fit well into a youth organization.

Previous experience at Geering Up is an asset, however, we recognise that our team is most successful when we have a mix of old and new perspectives. Please highlight why your unique experiences make you a great fit for the position.

As an engineering and science outreach organisation, we do give preference to engineering and science students. For our instructing positions, we would consider other applicants who have exceptionally strong experience working with children and are pursuing a career in education. For our non-teaching positions, we would consider other applicants who have work experience in similar roles.

Contact us at geeringup@apsc.ubc.ca, or 604-822-2858.