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Part-time Instructor Positions

Clubs Instructors

Our Clubs Instructors work 5 to 6 hours/week to plan and deliver clubs to youth. Clubs range from grades 1-12 and are offered both Saturday mornings and weekdays afternoons. This position is available in Vancouver and Kelowna. We are open to the same instructor teaching up to two clubs per term. Our weekday clubs happen most days of the week, we are happy to cater to your schedule. As a clubs instructors you will work with a partner to plan and deliver science and engineering content. This is a fun role where you get to build relationships with youth, and develop your project management and presentation skills.

  • On-Campus Clubs take place Saturday mornings from 10 am to 12 pm at UBC Vancouver. On-Campus Clubs Instructors work up to 5 hours/week. Most on-campus clubs have a mix of science and engineering activities. We also offer 2 Codemakers clubs where students learn the basics on computer science.
  • Vancouver School Board (VSB) Clubs take place on weekdays (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) from 3:30pm to 5pm at local Vancouver elementary schools. VSB Clubs Instructors work up to 6 hours/week. These clubs include a mix of science and engineering activities
  • Maker Girls clubs take place on weekday afternoons at libraries in Vancouver for girls in grades 7 to 10. Maker Girls instructors work up to 5 hours/week. The content in these clubs is primarily engineering activites. Although these clubs are only offered to female-identifying students, there is no gender restriction for instructors.

Applications close at 11:59pm August 13th.

Part-time Coordinator + Publicity Positions

*these Coordinator + Publicity positions are available on the Vancouver campus only

Applications due: August 13th at 11:59pm

*Job Descriptions are linked below - click the title!


Camps Coordinator

The Camps Coordinator will support the Camps Director in preparing setup for 2018 summer camps! You will get to be a part of a dynamic team that reaches almost 3000 youth in the summer. Duties will include: setting up registration for camps, overseeing bursaries, and leading setup for spring break camp(s).

Clubs Coordinator

The Clubs Coordinators will oversee Clubs Instructors, supporting them in every aspect of planning and delivery of clubs.

The Off-Site Clubs Coordinator will manage the 2 VSB clubs (Geering Up) and 5 community clubs (eng-cite) that run during the school year in different locations throughout Vancouver.

The Campus Clubs Coordinator will manage 7 clubs running Saturday mornings on campus.

Workshops Coordinator

Our workshops run from January to June. Geering Up delivers 1 - 1,5 hour long workshops in classrooms to complement the BC curriculum. The Workshops Coordinator will support the Workshops Director with booking workshops with schools across the lower mainland. Budgeting, communication, and organization are all valuable skills for this position. This Coordinator will also work with the Workshops Curriculum Coordinator to ensure high-quality programming.

Surrey Coordinator

The Surrey Coordinator is in charge of setting up our off-site camps at Surrey for 2018! Duties include: setting up registration for Surrey camps, corresponding with Surrey School Board contacts to acquire facility rentals, and supporting Surrey Instructors. This will only be our second year running our Surrey Camps, so you will have the opportunity to lead a new, trailblazing team.

High School Coordinator

The High School Coordinator is in charge of designing and setting up high school programming. This encompasses our ASAP overnight program, hiring Masters Student mentors, and working with the High School Curriculum Coordinator to ensure high-quality, engaging programming.

Workshops Curriculum Coordinator

The Workshops Curriculum Coordinator develops curriculum for our Workshops season in May. Develop exciting science and engineering content that align with the BC curriculum. Experience working with us during workshops season is a strong asset.

Outreach Curriculum Coordinator

One of our curriculum positions. Work to develop curriculum for grades 1 - 12 for 30+ camps the summer. Create exciting science and engineering content for at-risk and Aboriginal youth across BC!

Code Curriculum Coordinator

We are searching for a highly motivated individual with a love for all things computers! This Coordinator will develop content for CodeMakers workshops and camps, as well as support Code Instructors with the planning and execution of camps.

Local Events Coordinator

The Local Events Coordinator will lead the execution of Geering Up's various one-day, off-campus programming throughout the year, as well as eng-cite's signature one-day workshops and other outreach events. Work with community members and sponsors, organize staff members and volunteers to attend events, and represent Geering Up and eng-cite at many events.

Sponsorship Coordinator

The Sponsorship Coordinators will be reaching out to company contacts to secure funding for the giant operation that Geering Up is!

The Outreach Sponsorship Coordinator will work with the Outreach Coordinator and Outreach Director to ensure that all funding needs are met for our 30+ outreach camps across BC.

The Local Events Sponsorship Coordinator will work with the Local Events Coordinator to obtain funding for the various local events held by GU throughout the year.

Mentoring Coordinator

The mentoring program is brand new program for high school girls across BC; each girl will be matched with a female mentor with a career in STEM. The Mentoring Coordinator will lead eng-cite's mentoring program. Duties include: assisting the mentor/mentee matching process, planning and executing events, and communicating with outreach partners. You would be working closely with the eng-cite Program Manager to make the program a success!

Outreach Coordinator

Geering Up's outreach program will be reaching 30+ communities across BC in the summer. Support the Outreach Director in making this happen! Communicate regularly with community leaders, book transportation & accommodations, and get to go on exciting trips yourself. If you are an organizational aficionado, and you want to support at-risk and Aboriginal youth, this position is for you.

Publicity Coordinator

If you love aesthetics, and have a knack for all things art, this position is for you. The Publicity Coordinator will create promotional material for Geering Up, maintain our website, develop our social material medial presence, and manage the publicity budget.


Video Editor

If words like b-roll and deadcat mean something to you, this position is for you. Geering Up consistently produces videos for promotional purposes - work with our vloggers to publish videos on YouTube, create cool videos for outreach, and work with the Publicity Coordinator to highlight awesome opportunities at UBC Engineering

Director Positions

The role of a Director is a highly rewarding experience with a great deal of responsibility. Being a Director is a large commitment that is time-consuming, and can be stressful, but it is worth the investment! You will be making a difference in your community while running a small business. You will learn invaluable skills, become connected to a national network of like-minded individuals, and make memories that you can treasure forever. It is rare to find a position where an undergraduate student can have this level of responsibility; being a Director will well equip you to take on managerial roles elsewhere. We are accepting applications for students interested in working at UBC Vancouver, UBC Okanagan and other Off-site Locations! More information about these positions can be found here.




How Do I Apply?

1. Get to know Geering Up

Explore our website. Get to know how Geering Up works. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

2. Prepare your application

During the process of filling out the application form you will be asked for a brief summary of your relevant work/volunteer experience and a PDF of your resume.

If you are applying to any of the Instructor positions, you will be asked to make a video of you teaching any science/engineering concept as if it were to a class. Please keep it short (no more than 3 mins), and upload it to YouTube and send us the link.  We want to see you in action! Returning Instructors will not be required to make the video.

Make sure you have these ready before you begin.

3. Fill out the Application Form

The application forms are available in the next section. It will take approximately 15 minutes to fill out. You will be asked to attach your resume and video to the last page of this application form. You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been received by us.



Frequently Asked Questions

Geering Up is a non-profit organisation that exists to bring STEM programming to youth across BC regardless of their background. To achieve this Geering Up does four things: workshops in elementary schools, camps at UBC, after-school clubs at UBC, and outreach in communities outside of Vancouver. Our instructor team plans and delivers this fantastic content.

eng-cite is run through a partnership between the Faculty of Applied Science and Goldcorp at UBC to encourage and develop gender parity in UBC Engineering programs and the engineering profession. One way they work towards this is by running programs specifically for girls. Geering Up and eng-cite collaborate heavily towards their common goals. We run hiring together due to how similar our positions are and how often they overlap! Learn more about eng-cite here: http://engcite.engineering.ubc.ca/about/

Our instructing positions work directly with kids. However, as a youth outreach organisation, you are sure to be working with kids at some point no matter what your position. Geering Up works primarily with youth grades 2-7, however, we do run programming for grades 1-12. Let us know in your application how your skills would fit well into a youth organization.

Previous experience at Geering Up is an asset, however, we recognise that our team is most successful when we have a mix of old and new perspectives. Please highlight why your unique experiences make you a great fit for the position.

As an engineering and science outreach organisation, we do give preference to engineering and science students. For our instructing positions, we would consider other applicants who have exceptionally strong experience working with children and are pursuing a career in education. For our non-teaching positions, we would consider other applicants who have work experience in similar roles.

Contact us at geeringup@apsc.ubc.ca, or 604-822-2858.