MasterMinds Engineering Experience Program


Who is MasterMinds for?

MasterMinds is for High School students who are passionate about Science, Technology, and Engineering. If you’re curious about design, innovation, and learning more about STEM, we recommend this camp for you! Available for students entering grades 11 or 12 in September, or who are just graduating from grade 12!

MasterMinds is a great way to set yourself up for success at a Post-Secondary Institution. Through MasterMinds, you will also be provided with the unique opportunity to be part of the UBC Learning Community and connect with Faculty and Students – all of this before even beginning university.

What happens during a week of MasterMinds?

During this time participants get to experience a university learning environment. All activities are held in UBC lecture halls and labs. Participants will take part in daily design challenges, tours, and experiments. Activities will come from all STEM disciplines including: programming, robotics design, chemistry experiments, and microelectronics. Our program will be test your design skills, project management, and creativity. Throughout the week, you will also be introduced to new tools and software by current university students passionate for their field of study.

Examples of activities:masterminds-01

  • Tours of Triumf (Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics)
  • Programming an Arduino, to interface a Wii Nunchuck and a marble maze
  • Tour of the Thunderbots (UBC’s autonomous soccer playing robots)
  • A glider design challenge in UBC’s wind tunnel
  • Biomedical engineering topics
  • Dissections
Who staffs this program?

Our team of Instructors is made up of university students from the faculties of Engineering and Science. Each Instructor is passionate about their field of study and has extensive experience working with youth.

Volunteering Opportunities – Junior Instructors

In addition to our MasterMinds program, we also have a volunteering program available for upper high school students. We believe you truly learn something when you have to teach it, and so we invite you to join us as a Junior Instructor. This is a fun way to fulfill your work experience requirements. Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating the camp room as directed by the Instructor
  • Assist with the supervision and safety of 25 campers
  • Designing and teach a STEM activity

For more information about our volunteer program, please see our volunteer page.


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