MasterMinds Club

For high school students, we run our Masterminds club during the year. This club is for grades 8-12 and includes activities from all streams of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in the form of hands-on activities, engineering design projects, and student competitions.

Through MasterMinds, you will also be provided with the unique opportunity to be part of the UBC Learning Community and connect with Faculty and Students – all of this before beginning university.

More information about clubs and our schedule can be found here.

Club Information

Grades: 10-12

Times: Saturdays, 10am – Noon

Fall Dates: September 23– December 2

Location: UBC Engineering – CEME 1204

What are some example activities? 

  • Arduino Traffic Lights: Students will be introduced to Arduino microcontrollers, breadboarding, and programming in C in this self-guided activity to create a traffic light.
  • Liver Enzyme Design Challenge: Students will hypothesize and test specific conditions that maximize the breakdown of liver enzymes. Instructors will demonstrate the effect of one possible variable to introduce proper lab procedures. Students will then work individually to deduce the most effective condition and determine why.