Stay tuned for our 2017/2018 clubs information.

Register for the 2017/2018 clubs season will be open in early July

Our after-school clubs are a mix of science and engineering through hands-on projects, demos, design challenges, lab tours! All clubs are taught by experienced university students with a passion for their field of study.

Date, Time & Location

2017/2018 Clubs will run every Saturday morning from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at our UBC Engineering Buildings location. Information on the specific location for each club will be emailed out the week before clubs begin.

DSCN0249Club Descriptions

The activities done at clubs are different each year. Our team of Instructors plan the curriculum on a week-by-week basis so they can tailor each week to fit the clubs participants, so we cannot provide exact schedules. The table below should give you a general idea of the activities we have done in the past.

We bring in mentors or go on a field trip at least once per term, and our camps include a wide range of science and engineering topics. We avoid repeat activities that have occurred in the last two years to avoid kids experiencing the same club (with the exception of some crowd favourites with fresh twists) – so every week, get ready for a brand new week of science and engineering!

Club Refund Policy

  • Two weeks before the club season starts – 100% refund.
  • $25 processing fee within two weeks before it starts.
  • No refund once the club season starts.

Club Themes

Club Name





Grades 1-3 A general science & engineering club for kids in grades 1-3! Activities in the past have included slime, building biodomes, magnetism experiments, egg drop design challenges and ecosystem adaptations. TBD

Codemakers Jr

Grades 4-5 A computer science club for kids in grades 4-5! This will be an introduction to computer science! Kids should have basic knowledge on how to use a computer/tablet. TBD

Codemakers Sr

Grades 6-8 A computer science club for kids in grades 6-8! This will be an introduction to computer science, but will go more in depth with Computer Science concepts than its younger counterpart! Kids should have basic knowledge on how to use a computer/tablet. TBD


Grades 4-6 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) – A new co-ed club for kids in grades 4-7! An integration of the principles of design with those of Science and Engineering. Find out more about STEAM here. TBD


Grades 7-9 Innovators is our grade 7-9 engineering club.  TBD


Grades 10-12 MasterMinds is our grade 10-12 engineering club. In the past, MasterMinds activities have included soldering, self-guided Arduino projects including a binary clock and motorized miniature car, a logic-puzzle based scavenger hunt, Rube Goldberg machines, and a Lego Mindstorms maze competition. Find out more here. TBD

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