Lunch Program

Cost: $40 /week

The Lunch Program is back! If your child is participating in our Lunch Program, we will be delivering their lunches to the lunch location. We are pleased to announce we are able to offer gluten free and vegetarian options. Lunch will consist of a salad/veggies, a drink and an entree. Don’t forget, all campers will receive a Pizza Lunch on Friday.

Please note that there are no “make-up lunches” (i.e., due to illness). Ordered lunches must be picked up; otherwise, please consider it a donation to instructors.

Peanuts & Nuts

Our vendor subscribes to our nut free policy. No nut products are served. Our vendor’s facility is nut free but they cannot guarantee that the ingredients they use come from a nut free facility. We advise that individuals with a severe nut or peanut allergy to bring their own lunch.

We will accept order changes up until the Tuesday before each camp week. We cannot accept any later changes, as we place our orders on Wednesday mornings.


2017 Lunch Menu

Feel free to send us an email if you have further questions or specific dietary concerns.

Please note all lunches come with an entree, a salad or veggies, and juice or milk.


Regular: Pasta with Tomato Meat Sauce + Salad or Veggies

Vegetarian: Pasta with Tomato Sauce + Salad or Veggies

Gluten Free: GF Pasta with Tomato Sauce  + Salad or Veggies



Regular: Chicken Strips + Salad or Veggies

Vegetarian: Vegetarian Shepperd’s Pie  +  Salad or Veggies

Gluten Free: GF Shepperd’s Pie  + Salad or Veggies


Regular: Ham Subs + Salad or Veggies

Vegetarian: Veggie Subs +  Salad or Veggies

Gluten Free: GF Wrap + Salad or Veggies



Regular: Cheese and Chicken Quesadillas + Salad or Veggies

Vegetarian: Cheese Quesadillas + Salad or Veggies

Gluten Free: GF Cheese Quesadillas + Salad or Veggies

Dairy Free: DF Cheese Quesadillas + Salad or Veggies